U.S. Potato Industry

Why Buy U.S.?

Here at Potatoes USA, we believe you can grow your business by accessing the many high-quality potato products available from the U.S. potato industry. We want to help you understand what is available and how best to use these products.

Why Buy U.S. Potatoes

  • High-quality

    The United States is a world leader in potato production and processing and can supply the very best product to meet your needs at a price that assures customer satisfaction.

  • Consistency

    Dedicated U.S. growers, state-of-the-art processing and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards combine to make sure that buyers can count on a consistent, year-round supply of high-quality potato products.

  • Choice

    U.S. growers and processors offer a huge selection of high-quality potatoes and potato products including frozen, dehydrated, table-stock, chip-stock and seed potatoes.

  • Service

    Potatoes USA offers training programs to maximize your profitability and increase sales. These include promotional assistance, technical assistance, samples and contact referral services.