U.S. Potato Industry


U.S. potato farmers use only sustainable growing techniques to ensure generation after generation of healthy crops. The care of the soil is a year-round affair involving the addition of compost, rotation of crops and growing of cover crops. These reduce erosion and add nutrients to the soil naturally. Great care is taken to conserve water and reduce evaporation with constant monitoring of irrigation. Precision farming techniques using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) further reduce the farm’s consumption of energy, water and other inputs. U.S. growers use fertilizer and pesticides sparingly to guarantee the wholesomeness of their potatoes.

Sustainability Sprinkler

US potato growers are dedicated to enhancing the environment and protecting the natural resource base, while simultaneously producing high quality potatoes. Environmental stewardship practices currently in use by the US potato industry include:

  • Biotic Farming Methods
  • Planting of Companion Crops
  • Natural Pest Controls
  • Comprehensive Integrated Pest Management Strategies
  • No-till farming
  • Slow release/Biological Fertilizers
  • Nutrient Cycling
  • Independent Environmental Audits

Contact your local Potatoes USA representative office to find out more about sustainable farming practices in the US potato industry.